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Technical Data

What items should be included in the monthly and yearly inspection of glass tempering machine?

Source: LandGlass  Attention: 75  Published: 2022-05-25

Monthly Inspection should include:

The tempering furnace must be cooled down once every month for ceramic rollers and tempering section cleaning.

Check whether the furnace heating elements show grounding fault and the heating elements work properly

The chains and bearings of the furnace must have effective lubrication

Clean dust from the electrical cabinet and inverter cooling ducts

Check the tempering blower coupling for concentricity. Check the blower blades for deformation and cracks

Replace the circulating cooling water in the convection furnace to ensure that the water quality meets the standard

Check if the heating wire terminals and terminals in the heating electrical cabinet become loose

Yearly Inspection should include:

Oil in all reducers of the tempering furnace must be changed

All drive bearings of the furnace must be purged and re-oiled

The motor bearing of the tempering blower must be purged and re-oiled

The high-temperature convection blower must be replenished with oil as required

Check whether the power supply system and grounding resistance value of the furnace meet the requirements

Check the level of the roller conveyor of the tempering furnace with a flatness gauge

Clean the inside of the air duct system and chiller with a high-pressure water gun