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Special Report

  • Leading the Future with Endeavors Over the Decade

    2015-06-24Leading the Future with Endeavors Over the Decade

    LandGlass introduced a brand new series of forced convection tempering furnace, i.e. CycloneTM series, which achieved significant improvement in furnace performance including the four main features, outstanding product quality, increased production e
  • Continuous Glass Tempering Furnace

    2014-10-03Continuous Glass Tempering Furnace

    LandGlass continuous glass tempering furnace can process flat or bent glass with large volume and high quality. It has more than two chambers which can process the glass without oscillation, so, the evenness of the tempered glass can be guaranteed.
  • Gas Heating Glass Tempering Furnace

    2014-10-02Gas Heating Glass Tempering Furnace

    LandGlass gas heating glass tempering furnace adopts CNG or LPG to be heating material, which can low the cost compared with electric heating method. It is designed for the countries and areas with abundant gas resources.
  • Combined Flat Glass Tempering Furnace

    2014-10-01Combined Flat Glass Tempering Furnace

    LandGlass combined glass tempering furnace has two chambers. The preheating section and heating section make the glass been heated evenly, which ensures the quality of end products. It is suitable for mass production.