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Intelligent Automotive Glass Bending and Tempering Furnace

LD-DV Variable Curvature Glass Bending and Tempering Furnace (Bus Sidelite)

Bus Sidelite Glass
convection heating on the top and bottom
on-line and off-line Low-e (E≥0.01) glass, ultra-clear glass, screen-printed glass, pattern glass, tinted glass, clear glass etc.
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  1. Product Introduction
  2. Technical Features
  3. Technical Parameters
  4. Customer Case
  • Bending section with hard shafts and quenching section in vertical direction against bending section, so “T” shape layout comes into being, ideal for deep curved bus sidelite processing.

    Optional smart control solutions are available for comprehensive, flexible, and powerful equipment management. High quality and lean production of tempered glass can be achieved based on state-of-the-art technologies.

  • "T" shaped layout – "T" shaped layout to connect bending and tempering sections, 2-stage processing;

    Bending with hard shafts – high precision bending and ensuring the straightness of side edge;

    Vertical quenching section – wide oscillation range, less air mark, excellent glass quality;

    Precise shaping – precisely positioned bending rollers for high shaping accuracy;

    Separate chiller design – easy service accessibility and curvature adjustment;

    Adopting tubular air nozzles – with these nozzles, distance between chiller and glass sheets has less effect on tempering and uniformity of stress in glass is improved .

  • LD-DV Variable Curvature Glass Bending and Tempering Furnace (Bus Sidelite)
    Type Max.Size(mm) Min.Size(mm) Thickness(mm) Min.Radius Max.Height of Curvature Capacity Installed Capacity(KVA)
    D2115/3V 2100XARC1500 300XARC400 5-6 300 300 35-38 1000

    Note: Data presented is derived from the production of the thinnest glass. Actual productivity may vary depending on the glass types and process requirements.

  • Company Name Changzhou Nanxin Glass Co., Ltd.
    Company Location City of Changzhou, Jiangsu Province
    Introduction Changzhou Nanxin Glass Co., Ltd is a mid-size manufacturing enterprise with a floor space approximately 12,000 square meters and currently employs more than 150 workers. The company has a number of advanced high quality production lines with ancillary equipment. Their products have wide range of applications in construction, decoration, furniture, sanitary fittings. They supply various types of flat and bent glass, laminated and insulating glass, as well as special glass and art glass. The company has built a good reputation through its advanced equipment, technical strength, superior quality, and strong service support, and is a well-established glass deep processing enterprise in Yangtze River Delta region.
    Equipment type LD-D1209-2 Variable Curvature Tempering Furnace
    Main products Tempered glass products, glass for heavy machinery, freezers and refrigerators, glass accessories for trains, and glass shower enclosures