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LandGlass History

Feb. 1, 2007
Feb1, LandGlass brought out a continuous glass tempering furnace. Capable of executing an accurate temperature control in the furnace through a matrix-arrayed heating system, the furnace has been marketed successfully.
Jan. 1, 2008
LandGlass successfully developed the combined glass tempering furnace. It can make full use of forced convection heating technology and radiation heating technology according to different features and tempering requirements of glass. By optimizing the heating and tempering process through combined heating based on multiple heating areas and modes, the furnace is warmly welcomed in the market.
Oct. 8, 2009
LandGlass introduced forced convection continuous glass tempering furnace to the market. Besides the large volume of productivity, the furnace also has its obvious advantage when tempering kinds of screen printed glass, extra white glass and Low-E glass for household appliances.Phase I project of LandGlass new factory along Mudan Road, Luolong Industry Cluster District was put into operation; Phase I project provides more space for material and spare part storage and improves the capacity of receiving intensive orders and offering emergency spare parts. Moreover, it pushes the management of production and quality of LandGlass to a higher level.
April. 4, 2011
On April 26, LandGlass developed the patented gas heating glass tempering furnace. By combining advanced combustion technology and forced convection technology, this new type of furnace remarkably reduces the heating cost and brings another energy source to those glass processors who are limited by electric supply.
On June 26, "LandGlass New Glass Equipment Industrialization Project" in Yiluo Industrial Park, Luoyang City is commenced with opening ceremony. It marks that LandGlass steps into a new period of its development.
On August 16, To meet the market demand, LandGlass developed more intelligent double curvature bent glass tempering furnace, which adopts automatic-adjusted chiller technology and molding technology and can shape glass with smaller curvature and more sophisticated glass. With the success of this kind of furnace, LandGlass ushered in a new era.
April, 2012
LandGlass launched into market its single curved variable curvature bent glass tempering furnace and received rave reviews. The molding section and quenching section of this furnace are separated so that There is no movement in bending mechanism during bending process, which ensures the glass accuracy and repeatability,
In Nov. LandGlass, with its appearance design patent of flat & bending tempering furnace, has been granted the Gold Award. Thereby, it becomes the first enterprise to win the honor in glass deep-processing industry as well as in China.
Nov. 2013
In Nov. 2013, LandGlass’s “convection glass heating furnace” patent was granted China Patent Gold Award, making LandGlass the only enterprise in Henan Province to get this award in 2013,and also the first enterprise in Henan province to win such an honor consecutively.
Feb. 2014
In Feb. 2014, LandGlass became a postdoctoral research base in Henan. The postdoctoral working conference of Henan State and award ceremony for the new establishment of a Postdoctoral Station and Postdoctoral Research Base is held in Zhengzhou on February 26th, 2014. After many rounds of selections, expert reviews and approvals by the Henan Postdoctoral Administration Committee and the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Henan State, LandGlass Technology Co., Ltd. has been awarded as a Postdoctoral Research Base.
April 2015
LandGlass launched the brand-new Cyclone series glass tempering furnace in April 2015, another great breakthrough in glass processing industry.
March 2016
Having undergone extensive tests after eight years of R&D, LandVac, the fully tempered vacuum insulated glass was put into market in march 2016, which fully meets safety glass standards in stand-alone applications with no need for lamination.
June 2017
In 2017, LandVac got various certifications from international authoritative bodies. Moreover, LandVac production center has successfully passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, and has been certified by U.S. SGCC. All these certifications assure you that the production process is under precise control and that all the products are of high quality.
July 2018
In July, the first “International Vacuum Insulated Glass Technology Symposium” hosted by LandGlass was held at the Sino-German Ecological Park Passive House Technology Center. As a world’s pioneer in the field of tempered vacuum insulated glass and metal flexible sealing applications, the experts from LandGlass, along with more than 200 scholars from enterprises, associations, and research institutes around the world were invited to participate in the meeting. This event is a milestone in the development of vacuum insulated glass in China!
August 2018
In August, LandGlass held the first “Vacuum Insulated Glass and Window System Distributor Conference” in Luoyang. Twenty people including the chairman of the board of LandGlass, Mr. Zhao Yan, the chairman of the vacuum insulated glass association, Mr. Zhu Leibo, the sales director of the vacuum insulated glass, Mr. Jiang Ligong, and members of the vacuum insulated glass marketing team were there to welcome about hundred distributors from twenty provinces and major cities who are interested in the tempered vacuum insulated glass and window system of LandGlass. The conference was carried on in an enthusiastic atmosphere by the confident attendees. A few visionary enterprises signed the distribution agreement with LandGlass right away.
September 2018
In September, the tests conducted by the China Building Material Test & Certification Group Co., Ltd. indicates that LandVac® fully meets the standard of vacuum insulated glass for applications on low-energy passive houses. LandVac® therefore receives the energy saving certificate and is now one of the recommended products selected in the product catalog for low-energy passive buildings.
October 2018
In October, LandGlass entered a strategic partnership agreement with Siemens to further develop the strategic partnership relations between the two parties, enhance the all-round cooperation in electrification, automation, and digitization, and make joint efforts to promote the standardization and digitization of the “Made in China 2025” in the glass industry.
November 2018
In November, after seven months of intense competition, the “Third China Dual-use Technological Innovation Application Contest” was concluded in Changsha, Hunan. LandGlass’ tempered vacuum insulated glass - LandVac® was selected from the 120 items qualified for the final and won the silver award. The award indicates that LandVac vacuum glass has been recognized by the Chinese military and as the result it will have the opportunity to step into the field of national defense applications and contribute to the development of national security!