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Intelligent Bent Glass Tempering Furnaces

LD-BL Continuous bent glass tempering furnace for thin glass

Household Appliances and Automotive Industries
Combination of radiation and convection heating
on-line Low-e glass, ultra-clear glass, screen-printed glass, pattern glass, tinted glass, clear glass etc.
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  1. Product Introduction
  2. Technical Features
  3. Technical Parameters
  4. Customer Case
  • Equipped with JetConvection heating technology, it can bend and temper highly demanding glass.

    It can bend and temper large volumes of highly accurate single curvature glass for the automotive and household appliances market.

  • To produce high quality single curvature ultra-thin tempered glass by adopting energy efficient ultra-high pressure blowers, precise B bending adjustment, and continuous bent glass tempering technologies.

    Superior product quality with high repeatability, reliable operations and low production costs.

    Ideal for mass production of single curvature ultra-thin bent tempered glass for household appliances and automotive industries.

    Optional smart control solutions are available for comprehensive, flexible, and powerful equipment management. High quality and lean production of tempered glass can be achieved based on state-of-the-art technologies.

  • LD-BL Continuous bent glass tempering furnace for thin glass

    Types Max. Dimension Min. Dimension
    Glass thickness Min. radius Capacity Installed capacity
    B1006L16 1000X600 200X250 2.5-5 1000 320-350 2000
    B1208L24 1200X800 200X250 2.5-5
    1200 450-480 2900
    B1508L36 1500X800 200X250
    2.5-5 1200 680-750 4600
    Note: Data presented is derived from the production of the 3.2 mm tempered glass calculated on 65% loadage. Actual productivity may vary depending on the glass types and process requirements.
  • Company Name Shanghai Yaohua Pilkington Glass Group Co., Ltd.
    Company Address Building 4-5,1388 Zhangdong Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai
    Introduction In 1983, Shanghai Yaohua Pilkington Glass Group Co., Ltd was founded as the largest Sino-British joint venture in China. The company was reorganized in 1993 and became one of the first publicly listed glass manufacturers in China. For thirty years, their products represent the best quality in domestic glass industry. The company has made tremendous efforts in the R&D and manufacturing of high-performance, green and energy efficient, environmental friendly, and renewable energy products, especially the world's most advanced Low-E coated glass, online renewable energy glass, and energy efficient insulating glass. By the end of 2015, the asset value of the Group totaled RMB 8 billion with 2.9 billion of sales revenue. In the field of processed architectural glass, the Group has four processing facilities in Shanghai, Tianjin, Jiangmen, and Chongqing, covering the entire developed coastal areas and high-growth central China including Yangtze River Delta region, Bohai Bay, and the Pearl River Delta region with annual production capacity of 50 million square meters. The company primarily manufactures coated, insulated, laminated, tempered, colored glazing, and other safety, environmentally conscious, energy efficient processed glass product series.  Its quality and services are well received by its customers. SYP Glass can be found throughout the world in many of the world’s renowned landmark buildings such as Shanghai Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center, Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, Hong Kong International Commerce Centre, Tokyo Skytree, Frankfurt Airport Railway Station, and Kuwait Al-Hamra Tower.
    Main Products Coated, insulated, laminated, tempered, colored glazing, and other safety, environmentally conscious, energy efficient processed glass