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Gas Heating Glass Tempering Furnaces

LD-AF Gas Heating Flat Glass Tempering Furnace

Architecture&Furniture, Automobile Industries and Household Appliances, etc.
Using gas (CNG or LPG) as heating source.
On-line and Off-line Low-E Glass, Ultra Clear Glass, Screen Printed Glass, Pattern Glass, Tinted Glass, Clear Glass, etc.
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  1. Product Introduction
  2. Technical Features
  3. Technical Parameters
  4. Customer Case
  • From 2007 to 2008, LandGlass started to research and develop gas heating tempering furnaces, focusing on gas combustion and glass heating. In 2009 LandGlass had discovered the optimal solution, in which the heat produced is suitable for The Forced Convection System. The result is a heating system based on a clear and efficient heat transfer.

    After years of intensive research and development, in 2011 the Gas Heating Glass Tempering Furnace was formally launched to the market.

    The Gas Heating Glass Tempering Furnace is a new type of tempering furnace that heats the glass sheets by burning CNG or LPG. LandGlass designed and developed high efficiency burners to allow the gas to combust fully to create the heat that is then transferred to the glass surface. After the heating process, the hot glass sheets are tempered and cooled down.
  • 1. The glass sheets are heated by burning gas, lowering dramatically the installed electrical power.

    2. The furnace combines the efficient combustion technology and JetConvection Heating Technology. LandGlass proprietary burners guarantee a high speed, efficient combustion. The mature JetConvection Heating Technology ensures even and fast heating.

    3. A clean heating environment inside the furnace is guaranteed by isolating the combustion system.

    4. Interlock and ignition safety control systems are applied to ensure the complete safety of the system.

    5. Glass that can be tempered includes: on-line and off-line Low-E glass, extra ultra clear glass, screen printed glass, pattern glass, tinted glass, clear glass, etc. 
  • LD-AF Gas Heating Flat Glass Tempering Furnace
    Types Max.
    Glass thickness Productivity (loads/h) Burners Installed Capacity (KVA) Gas consumption (m3/m2)
    Clear glass Low-E
    A1525F 1500*2500 100*350 4-19 16 13 10 300 0.7
    A2436F 2440*3600 200*400 4-19 16 13 12 300 0.7
    A2450F 2440*5000 200*400 4-19 13 13 16 300 0.7
    Productivity is calculated on 5mm clear glass and 5mm Low-E glass (E=0.08) with 65% loadage. Gas consumption is calculated on CNG with heat value of 8500 kilocalorie/m3. Actual productivity is subject to glass types, sizes and loadage.
  • Company
    Jingfeng Glass Technology Co.Ltd.
    Anhui, China
    Company Profile
    Jingfeng Glass Technology Co.Ltd. is large-sized enterprise specialized in glass processing, with a starting investment of 60 million yuan and a plant area of over 10,000 ㎡. In recent years, the company devotes itself to introducing advanced glass processing equipments and undertaking technical study, and gradually grows into a large-scale technological enterprise that can produce and process various types of glass, including industrial glass, household appliance glass and automobile glass.
    Furnace Type
    LD-AF Gas Heating Flat&bent Bi-direction Glass Tempering Furnace
    Main Products
    Tempered glass, insulating glass, laminated glass, fireproof glass, Low-E glass, bullet-proof glass, explosion-proof glass, radiation-shielding glass and so on.

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