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Technical Data

How do you prevent the explosion of thick glass in the glass tempering furnace during the tempering process?

Source: LandGlass  Attention: 73  Published: 2022-04-30

1. When the glass sheet contains nickel sulfide stones, it may cause the thick glass to shatter in the glass tempering furnace. Therefore, the use of high-quality float glass is a basic requirement to prevent the explosion of thick glass.

2. If the drilling or grooving in the glass sheet does not meet the process requirements in the cold processing stage and causes damage to the glass, the glass sheet may easily shatter during the heating process. It is important to avoid any damage to the glass in the cold processing stage.

3. When setting the tempering process parameters, if the furnace temperature is set too high, it may cause a large temperature difference between the surfaces and the internal layer of the thick glass sheet in an excessive heating environment and lead to an explosion of glass in the heating furnace. At this point, we should set the tempering process parameters strictly according to the heating temperatures required for different thicknesses of glass.

4. If the glass enters the furnace too fast or its oscillating speed in the heating chamber is too fast, it will collide with the ceramic roller conveyor in the heating furnace and cause damage to the glass, resulting in glass shattering when heated. To solve the problem, we can reduce the speed of glass entering the furnace or its oscillating speed in the glass tempering machine.