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Technical Data

How to replace the kevlar rope on the conveyor roller in the glass tempering furnace chiller?

Source: LandGlass  Attention: 271  Published: 2023-02-28

1. Once glass breakage occurs in the chiller of the glass tempering furnace, the shattered glass may cut the kevlar rope on the roller conveyor. As a result, the glass can not be transported to the unloading table smoothly and the whole tempering process will be interrupted. Therefore, whenever a broken kevlar rope is found, immediate inspection and replacement are required. 

2. Remove the broken kevlar rope from the roller conveyor in the chiller. Clean completely adhesive substances and bonding materials on the roller surface. Make sure that the surface of the rollers is smooth. 

3. Apply adhesive on the inner surface of the kevlar rope and wind the Kevlar rope onto the roller. Ensure that no adhesive exists on the rest of the rope surfaces. 

4. When winding the kevlar rope, always keep the kevlar rope in proper tension so that it stays straight and untwisted. The spiral of an kevlar rope has uniform pitches with the spiral direction opposite to that of the kevlar rope on the adjacent roller. 

5. Secure the ends of the kevlar rope on the roller.