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Technical Data

How do glass processing enterprises maintain their cooling water circulation system of forced convection glass tempering furnaces before holidays?

Source: LandGlass  Attention: 202  Published: 2023-01-29

As the holiday approaches, it's also the time for the annual maintenance of our glass tempering furnaces in the workshop. The maintenance of the forced convection glass tempering furnace is the top priority, in which the maintenance of the convection glass tempering furnace cooling water circulation system is the focus of attention. The details are as follows: 

1. Check the water quality in the tank of the cooling water circulation system. If the water quality falls outside of the required range, replace the water completely. The qualified hardness of the circulating water is: ≤ 0.03mmol/L.  

2. The cooling water circulation system is equipped with a reversing pump. When the glass tempering machine is shut down in winter, the water in the pipes of the water circulation system should be drained to prevent the pipes from freezing. 

3. Check the condition of each part of the cooling water circulation system, such as the water level of the tank, the operation of the pump, the opening status of the valves, whether the pipes are clogged, etc., and take corresponding measures according to the inspection results. 

4. Ensure that the circulating cooling water pressure in the system during normal operation is within the range of 0.2Mpa~0.5Mpa.

5. Ensure that the temperature of the cooling water outlet of the glass tempering furnace convection blower is ≤ 35°C when the water circulation system is in normal operation.