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Group News

LandGlass is going to attend Gulf Glass 2023

Source: LandGlass  Attention: 114  Published: 2023-11-27

As one of the important events in the glass industry in the Middle East, the biennial  Gulf Glass 2023 is about to be held from December 4th to 7th at DUBAI WORLD TRADE CENTRE, UAE. LandGlass will be waiting for you at the Ar C251, showing the latest technologies. 

LandGlass is going to attend Gulf Glass 2023

As a global innovator, LandGlass is set to showcase not just its intelligent glass tempering machines and smart factory solutions at Gulf Glass 2023, but also a highlight—the new generation of LandVac vacuum insulated glass. Renowned for its superior thermal and sound insulation capabilities, this groundbreaking product is poised to revolutionize the window and curtain wall solutions in the Middle East's hot and consistently high-temperature climate. This is a step towards a more sustainable, energy-efficient, and healthier living environment. We are excited to explore new opportunities in the industry together, driving forward the momentum for high-level industrial development.

Date: December 4th-7th, 2023


LandGlass Booth: Ar C251