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Group News

LandGlass Glass Tempering Furnace, A Perfect fit

Source: LandGlass  Attention: 87  Published: 2023-12-13

LandGlass glass tempering Furnaces operating smoothly at world's top glass processing companies in Germany, Italy, USA, Spain, Turkey, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, India, etc. Our goal is to build strong relationships with our clients. We're happy to be a preferred choice for many leading glass processors.

We take pride in our ability to meet the diverse and evolving needs of the glass industry with our glass tempering furnaces, to produce both flat and curved tempered glass, suitable for a wide array of applications, including those in the construction, automotive, home appliance, and solar industries. Our innovative approach is recognized globally, with patents in the USA and Germany. This shows our commitment to providing the best and most reliable technology to our clients.

 LandGlass is about working together with our clients for a better, more innovative future in glass processing.