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Group News

LandGlass UltraJet™ E Series Bending Tempering Furnace, Double Curvature Glass Tempering Furnace

Source: LandGlass  Attention: 153  Published: 2022-12-13

LandGlass UltraJet™ E Series bending glass tempering furnace can be used to process high quality double curvature glass for rear window and skylight of the vehicles. Glass that can be tempered: clear glass, Low-E glass , patterned glass, tinted glass. 

LandGlass UltraJet™ E Series bending glass tempering furnace is equipped with rapid positioning device. This automatic programmed positioning device on the loading section can accurately and quickly locate the glass sheet; simplify the operation, improve the work efficiency and achieve large capacity. The EasyLink technology can provide the customers with the interface solutions required for intelligent processing line and intelligent production, realizing the signal and data transmission and connection between machinery. 

LandGlass UltraJet™ E series glass tempering furnace, equipped with innovative technologies, fulfills the diversified demands from home appliance, automobile and solar power industries for double curvature tempered glass with both quality and capacity guaranteed.