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Group News

Interpretation of LandGlass Glass Tempering Furnace Model Code

Source: LandGlass  Attention: 38  Published: 2022-12-07

The model code of LandGlass glass tempering furnace starts with LD-, followed by a combination of letters and numbers to indicate the furnace model. Letters A, B, C, D, E indicate the shapes of glass that can be made, and numbers indicate the maximum size of glass that can be processed. 

A stands for flat glass tempering machine, which is suitable for the production of flat tempered glass used in architecture, furniture, and home appliance industries. B stands for single curvature bending tempering machine for the production of small and medium sized tempered glass with single curvature for vehicle, furniture and home appliance industries. C stands for single curvature glass tempering machine, mainly used for tempering medium and large sized curtain walls, domes, showcases, exhibition stands, and home decoration. D stands glass tempering furnace for variable curvature tempered glass used in commercial refrigerators, food display cabinets, high-end buses, etc. E stands for glass tempering furnace for double curvature tempered glass for home appliance, automobile and solar power industries. For example, LD-A2436 means LandGlass flat glass tempering Furnace, and the number indicates that the maximum glass size that can be processed is 2400mm*3600mm.