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  • Address: Guangjian Building, No.12 – Wangcheng Road, Luoyang, China
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  • Service Declaration
    The service manifesto of LandGlass is "customer first,service oriented;efficient solution,and optimal execution".You can contact us online or send e-mail to
  • Service Team
    LandGlass’s complete and systematic after-sale service team can deliver its technology service quickly to reduce equipment malfunction possibility and shorten downtime.
  • FAQ
    All the articles published in this section are edited by the website editors in LandGlass to offer the comprehensive solutions to all the frequently asked questions related to the tempered glass and glass tempering furnaces.


With more than 10 years abundant experience in glass tempering furnaces, we dedicate ourselves to creating wealth for you! You can contact us online or send e-mail to to order LandGlass products.