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Service Team

International Service
In the operation manual there is a trouble-shooting guide that can help you resolve your doubts. You can also review the technical process descriptions on the process manuals. If you can’t find a solution for your problem, please contact us:

Service Phone: +86-379-65298873

Fax: +86-379-65298869

24 hours phone: +86-13592083663


International Customers Can Contact LandGlass or Our Local Service Centers
Former Soviet Union Areas:
Southeast Asia:
U.S.A. & Canada:
Necessary Information to Receive Assistance
  • 1
    The model of your furnace;
  • 2
    The details of your problem and in which conditions it happens;
  • 3
    If the quality of the end products affected please describe the defects, for example: the location of white haze, the glass bent, etc. And please, provide the tempering parameters during tempering.
Pre-sales Service
LandGlass’s professional engineer’s team will provide you with an all-round and timely service before your choice. It includes:
  • 1
    Help the customer choose the most suitable tempering line according to the target market and production volume requirements.
  • 2
    Help the customer choose other glass processing machines.
  • 3
    Help the customer arrange all the glass processing machines in the workshop.
  • 4
    Arrange visits to other glass processing companies.
After-sales Service
  • 1
    Create files about the customer to serve you better.
  • 2
    Pay attention to the customer’s demands to try to satisfy them.
  • 3
    Suitable and efficient service.
  • 4
    Friendly, patient and professional service attitude.
  • 5
    24 hour hotline.
  • 6
    Full day scheduled service visits during warranty period.
  • 7
    After de warranty period we offer original parts and tailored services.
  • 8
    Free remote diagnosis service.
Customer Training
Operator Training
LandGlass has a professional team of engineers who can provide comprehensive training to customers before the operation. The training includes:
  • 1
    The fundamental knowledge about tempering technology and tempering equipment.
  • 2
    The operating principles and mechanical structure of the components of the equipment.
  • 3
    The operating principles and structure of the electric control system.
  • 4
    The fundamental electric-map-reading knowledge.
  • 5
    The maintenance of the convection system.
  • 6
    The operating regulations and technical knowledge about the tempering equipment.
  • 7
    The daily maintenance and trouble-shooting methods.