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Group News

What are the factors to be considered when choosing glass tempering furnace?

Source: LandGlass  Attention: 107  Published: 2022-04-15

Buying a glass tempering furnace is the largest investment for a glass processing enterprise. Therefore, it is crucially important to choose the right glass tempering machine. Here below are some factors to be considered when choosing glass tempering furnace.

Capacity matching: The capacity of the glass tempering furnace should match the estimated annual overall production output. Taking LandGlass A2850 glass tempering furnace as an example, to produce 5mm Low-E glass [ E=0.08 ], the production capacity is 15-18 loads/hour. The annual output is approximately 1.50 million square meters of glass. An enterprise may calculate the required capacity according to the estimated annual output and select the appropriate model of the glass tempering machine.

Floor space: Different types of glass tempering furnaces, such as flat glass tempering furnace, bent glass tempering furnace, flat and bent bi-directional glass tempering furnace, combined tempering furnace, and continuous tempering furnace have very different longitudinal sizes. Customers should take into consideration the actual space available when choosing their models. Besides, the space for the temporary storage of unfinished glass products needs to be reserved in advance.

Power load: Different glass tempering furnace models needs different installed power.  Taking 5mm clear glass as an example, the installed power of the A2850 single chamber is about 1300kw while the installed power of a combined glass tempering furnace is approximately 2400kw. Enterprises should consider the installed capacity of their existing transformer and the possibility of expansion when choosing the machine models.

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