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Group News

LandGlass Glass Tempering Furnace, Great Solution to Anisotropy/iridescence

Source: landglass  Attention: 69  Published: 2022-10-21

Anisotropy/iridescence is the main area of concern for tempered glass manufacturers, especially for thick curtain glass Fabricators. Anisotropy/iridescence is caused by uneven heating or cooling. The current chiller in most of the glass tempering furnace comprises of air holes of the same size evenly spaced at the length direction of one or more facets of the nozzles, cooling the glass during movement rapidly, to improve the strength and stability. However, it is easy to have iridescence in this way because of the uneven cooling and stress, caused by the discontinuity of the air holes.

LandGlass developed a glass tempering solution with a chiller structure which minimizes the iridescence and improve the flatness of tempered glass to the greatest extent, allowing the curtain wall present the best visual effect. Besides, LandGlass owns over 900 global patents (more than 700 granted) in more than 30 countries and regions in Europe, USA, Australia, Asia. Almost one hundred patents are related to flatness and iridescence.