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Group News

LD-A 2860U Glass Tempering Machine, One of the Most Popular Model in 2024

Source: LandGlass  Attention: 99  Published: 2024-03-07

In the early months of 2024, lots of glass tempering furnaces were packed and sent to LandGlass clients. one of the most popular models is LD-A2860U glass tempering machine. This model, characterized by its top convection heating system and its capacity to temper glass sizes up to 2800mm by 6000mm, and has quickly become a favorite among LandGlass clients.

LD-A 2860U Glass toughening machine, is esteemed for its top convection heating system, a feature that brings a host of benefits, like uniform heat distribution across the entire surface of the glass, optimization for Low-E glass, increased production efficiency, enhanced overall quality of the tempered glass. Additionally, its capability to temper glass dimensions up to 2800mm by 6000mm effectively meets client requirements, affirming its popularity among LandGlass customers.

The LD-A2860U glass tempering machine brings together cutting-edge technology and practical features, showcasing LandGlass's dedication to advancing glass tempering technology. This commitment ensures that clients receive precisely what they need, along with unmatched quality in the finished tempered glass product.