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Group News

How to increase the output of tempered glass?

Source: LandGlass  Attention: 33  Published: 2023-02-16

To increase the output of tempered glass, several aspects can be considered:

Improve the efficiency of the glass tempering furnace: Upgrading existing glass tempering machine or Increasing the degree of automation of the glass tempering furnace: By introducing advanced automation , high-efficiency operation of the glass tempering machine can be realized, labor intensity of workers can be reduced, and production efficiency and output can be increased.

Improve the quality of raw materials: The quality of tempered glass is greatly affected by the quality of raw materials. Great pretreatment of the raw materials is very important. Poor edging and very thin cracks may lead to the break of the glass during glass tempering process. Therefore It is very important to improve the quality of raw materials which can ensure the stability of tempered glass quality, reduce waste rate, and increase the output.