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Group News

Glass tempering furnace:Thermal Glass Tempering vs. Chemical Strengthening

Source: LandGlass  Attention: 201  Published: 2023-01-10

What is a glass tempering machine?

The glass tempering machine is the machine for producing tempered glass by thermal glass tempering or chemical strengthening methods.

Thermal Glass Tempering Equipment

In the thermal glass tempering equipment, the glass undergoes an intense heating process immediately followed by rapid cooling. the cooled glass surface forms compressive stress, and the glass interior forms tensile stress, so as to improve the glass strength and make ordinary annealed glass into tempered glass, which does not change the chemical composition of the glass. Generally, the thermal glass tempering furnace can produce tempered glass for buildings, curtain walls, home appliances, automobiles, and solar energy industries.

Chemical Strengthening Equipment

In the chemical strengthening equipment, it is to improve the strength of glass by changing the chemical composition of the glass surface. Generally, chemical strengthening equipment can produce very thin and delicate electronic product glass (mobile phone glass, computer display glass), home appliance glass (scanner, printer), etc.