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Group News

FGS: Pioneering Excellence in the Glass Industry with a Legacy of 140 Years

Source: LandGlass  Attention: 162  Published: 2024-04-17

FGS, an Australian company with a rich 140-year history, continues to set industry standards through strategic investments and steadfast commitment to quality and customer service. This longstanding enterprise has been dedicated to ‘Hard work, Quality and Respect’ since the 19th century, a commitment clearly reflected in its consistent growth and innovation.

In 2015, FGS embarked on a significant technological advancement by investing in the LandGlass JetConvection™ glass tempering machine, initiating a fruitful collaboration with LandGlass. This partnership was aimed at enhancing the quality and efficiency of their glass processing capabilities, underscoring FGS’ dedication to both product excellence and superior customer service.

Building on this foundation, FGS made another significant investment, acquiring the LandGlass UltraJet™  A2450 glass tempering furnace. This state-of-the-art machinery is equipped with six innovative technologies that enhance both the quality and the production capacity of the processed glass. Such advancements have empowered FGS to cement its status as a leading large-scale enterprise in the Melbourne region.

LandGlass is proud to support FGS in this journey, providing not just advanced technology but also a partnership built on trust and mutual ambition. Together, LandGlass and FGS are set to explore new horizons and achieve greater successes in the evolving world of glass manufacturing.