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Variable Curvature Glass Tempering Furnaces
Source :    Release time : 2013-5-7 0:00:00

equipment glass tempering

LD-D Series Variable Curvature Glass Tempering Furnaces are mainly used to bend and temper variable curvature glass, for commercial refrigerators, food showcases, and high-class buses. The intelligent servo control system and flexible arcing mechanism are applied to the furnaces, which can process various kinds of high-quality variable curvature glass through the innovative process and furnace layout; in addition, the furnaces can process various kinds of coated glass and clear glass through the forced JetConvection heating technology or radiation heating technology.

Technical Parameters

LD-D Series Variable Curvature Glass Tempering Furnaces
Model Max. Loading
Dimensions (mm)
Min. Loading
Dimensions (mm)
Thickness(mm) Min. Radius(mm) Heating Power Productivity (loads/hour) Installed Capacity(KVA)
LD-D1209/2 1200xARC900 300xARC300 4-8 250 240 25-28 500
LD-D1512 /2 1500xARC1200 300xARC300 4-8 250 320 25-28 630
LD-D1812/2 1800xARC1200 400xARC400 (4)5-8 (300)400 380 20-22 (800)630
LD-D2420/2 2400xARC2000 400xARC400 (5)6-12 (400)600 832 16-18 (1250)1000
LD-D3020/2 3000xARC2000 500xARC500 (6)8-15 (500)800 1050 12-14 (1250)1000

1. The Min. Radius is calculated on min. thickness white glass. Actual radius is subject to different glass thickness, shapes and types;
2. The dimensions in parentheses are optional according to customers' special requirements;
3. Productivity is calculated on min. thickness white glass. Actual productivity is subject to different glass thickness, types and dimensions;

4. Other models are not listed as the space here is limited.

Technical Features:

1) New arc forming technique and flexible bending mechanism ensure the flexibility of arc forming and the convenience of arc adjusting; meanwhile, high precision bending mechanism also ensures the accuracy and stability of arc forming;

2) Bending & tempering sections are separate and there is no movement in bending mechanism during which not only ensures the glass accuracy and repeatability, also reduces the daily maintenance.

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