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LD-AB SuperAir F&B Bi-directional Tempering Furnace
Source :    Release time : 2013-4-16 0:00:00

glass tempering furnace

AirStreamTM ---Radiation heating plays a main role during glass heating, while compressed air is injected into heating furnace, in which it brings certain amount of heat onto glass top surfaces and is helpful for even heating on-line low-e glass, etc. 

SuperAirTM ---Radiation heating plays a main role during glass heating, while larger volume of compressed air is blown into heating furnace by intelligent pipe convection system. Therefore, both on-line and off-line low-e glass can be evenly heated. 

JetConvectionTM ---Convection heating plays a main role during glass heating. After being heated in jet convection chamber, the hot air inside heating furnace is blown onto glass surfaces and then goes back to hot air blowers for continuous circulation, which not only ensure even heating, low production costs, but enhance the quality of the end products as well. 

LD-AB SuperAir F&B bi-directional tempering furnace adopts SuperAir heating technology and they both have a flat quenching section and a bending quenching section that lie on both sides of the heating furnace. By loading the glass in different direction, the furnace can temper both flat and bent glass. Glass can be tempered includes: on-line Low-E glass, extra white glass, silk-printed glass, pattern glass, tinted glass, clear glass, etc.

Technical Specifications

LD-AB SuperAir F&B Bi-directional Tempering Furnace 
Types Flat glass
Bent glass
Flat glass
Bent glass
A2030B08/2 2000x3000 2000xARC800 150x350 200xARC350 4-19/450 25-29 800
A2030B10/2 2000x3000 2000xARC1000 150x350 200xARC350 4-19/500 25-29 800
A2436B15/2 2440x3600 2440xARC1500 150x350 300xARC400 4-19/750 25-29 800
A2442B18/2 2440x4200 2440xARC1800 150x350 300xARC400 4-19/850 25-29 800
A2450B25/2 2440x5000 2440xARC2500 150x350 300xARC500 4-19/1000 12-15 1000
A2460B25/2 2440x6000 2440xARC2500 150x350 300xARC500 4-19/1000 12-15 1000
A2850B25/2 2800x5000 2440xARC2500 200x400 500xARC600 4-19/1000 12-15 1250
A3080B30/2 3000x6000 3000xARC3000 300x500 500xARC600 5-19/1500 12-15 2000

Productivity of bent glass is calculated on 5mm clear glass with 65% loadage. Actual productivity is subject to glass types, sizes and loadage. Not all types are listed here due to limited space.

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