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The Causes and Solutions of White Haze of the Tempered Glass
Source :    Release time:2013-08-19

3. White haze
White haze is caused by uneven heating on top and bottom glass surfaces in glass tempering furnace, which deform the glass sheet and the central part of bottom surface of the glass sheet will burden all the weight of the glass and have more friction with the ceramic roller, therefore central part of glass sheet are deteriorated in quality, and white haze appeared on glass. 

1) When glass comes into the heating furnace, the bottom surface of the glass contact the hot ceramic rollers directly and absorb more heat than the top side, so the bottom side expands more, which causes the upward bending of the glass inside the heating furnace. If the top heating keeps slow, the uneven heating will continue and the glass will keep bent, therefore, the central part of the glass burdens all weight of the glass, so this part is damaged due to friction and overheating. It looks like a haze along the glass sheet with width of 1cm to 3cm.     

2) Higher oscillation speed may cause the white haze. As the heating time is certain, if the oscillation speed is higher, then the glass will do more oscillation that is not good for glass, which means that the glass sheets will have more friction and cause white haze defects.

3) Improper heating profiles setting lead to unbalanced heating zones temperature inside heating furnace, which causes uneven glass temperature on both different parts of the glass sheet and between the top and bottom glass surfaces, thus may brings irregular white haze on glass surfaces.

4) The ceramic rollers are contaminated and get rough which will increase the friction between the glass sheet and ceramic rollers and cause white haze.

1) If the white haze is at the central part of bottom surface, increasing top heating temperature or low bottom heating temperature so as to evenly heat the top and bottom glass surfaces shortly after the glass moving into the heating furnace;
2) Lowing the oscillation speed and decreasing the moving distance of the glass sheet on ceramic rollers, which will result in less friction and air mark;
3) If the white haze appear on glass surface irregularly, such as at the corners or in "S" shape, then please contact the service engineers of the supplier for specific solution as these kinds of defects usually are complicated and may need adjustment of the program.
4) Feeding proper volume of SO2 gas, which will form a protective film on the ceramic roller; the film will work as a kind of lubricant between the glass sheets and ceramic rollers, which will decrease or avoid the white haze on glass bottom surface. What needs to be paid more attention is that SO2 can be only used in the Airstream glass tempering furnace. However, SO2 is poisonous and corrosive gas, so overusing of such kind of gas is forbidden; furthermore, overusing of SO2 will not only make glass products a little bit bluish but form yellow compound on ceramic rollers as well.

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