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How to Keep the Heating Section in Glass Tempering Furnace Clean and Maintain Fused Silica Rolls (2)
Source :    Release time:2013-07-23

A. Cleaning heating section in glass tempering furnace

a. Remove the dust coming from the tempering furnace.

The condition of furnace lining is critical especially for fiber lined furnaces, as dust from linings may deposit on the roll surface leading to imprinting on the bottom surface of the glass. Special attention should be given to the side seals to check for broken sections, wear or powder residue. Replace the worn or broken seals. 

Where there is only wear on the seals and the hard outer surface has been worn away exposing the soft insides, vacuum the area to remove loose dust and apply a coating of colloidal silica to reseal and harden the surface. 

Thoroughly vacuum the inside of the furnace chambers especially the areas where dust or glass debris has accumulated. If air is circulated in the furnace, dust may be easily spread and re-deposited onto the rolls and onto the glass.


b. Remove the dust on the loading table. 

Dust and debris from the loading table rolls may be tracked into the glass tempering furnace. So it is needed that thoroughly wash the load table rollers often, and it is suggested that these rollers be wiped down daily. 

c. Remove dust and debris on glass sheets.

Always wash the glass prior to tempering, and glass should be stored in a dust free environment after washing to avoid introducing dust into the furnace chamber.


Washing and staging the glass for extended periods of time before heat-treating should be avoided because dust that may accumulate on the glass during storage will be introduced to the furnace environment. 


Special attention should be given to glass edging quality. Rough or poor edge quality can result in glass chips or debris separating from the glass during the heat-treating process.  These may stick to the roll surface and may result in marks or debris on the tempered glass surface.

Service the glass washer religiously following the manufacturers maintenance schedule, and be certain that the filters, detergents, brush settings, rinse water and airbrushes are correct. (to be continued)

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