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Some Knowledge about Tempering Furnace---Reasons and Solutions for Breakage of Tempered Glass(3)
Source :    Release time:2013-06-21

V. Improper installation of the glass
The improper installation of the glass shall cause the breakage of the tempered glass. There are two reasons for this: firstly, the glass is bearing excess external force after installation, that is, when installing the glass, if the radian of the tempered glass is not identical with the framework, the glass will be installed compulsively with external force; secondly, the glass is gymno-connected with the metal framework or mental bolts. These two reasons shall cause the later breakage of tempered glass.

To avoid the later breakage resulting from improper installation of the glass, for one thing, we shall avoid the glass to bear excess external force in installing, and it must be guaranteed that the radian of glass is in consistent with that of the glass installing location. We suggest correcting the framework of the installation position before installing, to make it suitable to the glass; for another thing, we must avoid the gymno-connecting between the glass and the metal framework or metal screw or bolts in installing by mounting rubber liner to the connection parts.

VI. The influence of Glass Printing Ink Dilatation Coefficient      

In respect of some glasses with screen printing with black edge for decoration, if the dilatation coefficient of printing ink is very different with that of the glass, spontaneous breakage will possibly occur, especially the tempered glass with wider printing black edge or larger curve. If spontaneous breakage probability is high, the printing ink dilatation coefficient shall be taken into consideration, yet this point is commonly ignored by us.

To avoid the glass breakage resulting from printing ink, when printing glass, the dilatation coefficient of the printing ink shall match that of the glass. Moreover, in respect of the screen printing of hot bending glass, printing ink shall not be printed too thick.

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