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Some Knowledge about Tempering Line---Reasons and Solutions for Breakage of Tempered Glass(1)
Source :    Release time:2013-06-20

I. The Glass Edge and Surface Quality 

The quality of the glass edge is bad with cracks and chips, and the deep scratch on the glass surface is the important factor for glass breakage. The glass edge crack mainly includes the longitudinal crack, and there are mainly two reasons for the edge crack: on the one hand, the crack of the glass edge is due to external force impact; on the other hand, the quality of the glass edge is very poor with relative light edging. When the glass is tempered by glass tempering furnace, the front end will suffer a relative large temperature variation from exiting to arcing, and the stress is relatively centralized, which will easily cause the tiny crevice and crack in the edge of glass. The chip mainly appears as the vacant shell-like area in the internal and external surface of the glass edge.

To prevent the tempered glass from spontaneous breakage resulted from the poor edge and surface quality of the glass, the most effective way is keeping the edging very fine, and the edging depth should exceed 1/3 of the thickness of the glass. In respect of the chip of the edge, sanding it to make the vacant shell-like area has a uniform transition. Furthermore, you must conduct appropriate protection to the edge of glass in the process of processing, delivering and installing, and try your best to keep the surface of the glass away from colliding, rubbing with other objects which will cause deep scratch.

II. Defects of Products Design

Apart from the glass edge and surface quality, the design defects of tempered glass are also a hidden danger for glass spontaneous breakage. The design defects mainly mean drilling and slotting in the glass. Sometimes, drilling position is designed too close to the edge of the glass, or the distance between two holes or openings is too close, or the corner of the glass slotting is too sharp, so the stress is centralized too much, which cause breakage easily in the later service period of the tempered glass. 

To avoid the breakage of tempered glass that caused by improper product design, when drilling or slotting the glass, the acceptable edge distance is 1.5 times the glass thickness if it is less than 12mm and 2 times the glass thickness if it is more than 12mm; because the stress of the glass corner is relatively centralized, the distance between the hole edge and the glass corner shall be no less than 6 times of the glass thickness. Furthermore, to ensure that the tempered glass owns a more stable performance and strength, when design the glass, the hole pitch and edge distance should be as wide as possible, and the corner transition shall be as smooth as possible. The designer of tempered glass products shall keep this in mind.(to be continued)

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