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Warmth Delivered from A Great Distance
Source :    Release time:2013-04-16

On January 3, the last day of the freezing cold New Year holidays, Luoyang Children's Welfare Institute met its first group of this year's donators. These donators included not only the most familiar labor union representatives from LandGlass, but also four other unfamiliar foreign faces with blond hair and blue eyes. Do you want to know who they are?

Mr. Michael Spellman is a business partner of LandGlass in the North American market. Michael is an extraordinarily successful businessman. Meanwhile, he has a happy family, with his wife Carolyn and two daughters Erin and Sara. Erin, only 14 years old, the age at which most Chinese children cannot even take care of themselves, is the sponsor and executor of this donation event. Thanks to the close marketing partnership between Mr. Spellman and LandGlass, Erin and Sara have traveled in China several times, together with their father during winter vacations. Certainly, visiting LandGlass was included in their itinerary. Erin and Sara are always full of enthusiasm to take part in public service activities in the US. When they learned that LandGlass makes donation to welfare institutes every year, they decided to raise donations for Luoyang Children's Welfare Institute which takes care of over 600 orphans. Then funds, commodities were raised and collected among their relatives, friends and classmates in the US.

Erin and Sara raised over USD 5,000 and collected two large boxes of brand new children's clothes and shoes. They spent several hours sorting and packaging these commodities and contacted a carrier company by themselves to deliver all these articles to Luoyang Children's Welfare Institute, ten thousands kilometers away from South Florida. They also asked LandGlass to contact the Welfare Institute to ask for their requests so that they could purchase other articles in urgent demand with the USD 5,000 fund they raised. At last, the labor union of LandGlass ordered milk powder and paper diaper from a supermarket in Luoyang, totaling over RMB 30,000. This donation event indeed warmed up so many hearts during a cold winter in the morning of January 3.


Secretary Jin along with two other teachers of the Institute welcomed the donators from the US and the labor union representatives from LandGlass. They expressed their gratitude to the Spellmans, other American donators and LandGlass. Then, they showed the Spellmans and the labor union representatives of LandGlass around the Welfare Institute to know the life of the children there.


The Spellmans visited the places and rooms for recreation and rest of these children. A teacher from the Institute told them that some children who were unable to stand by themselves are now hobbling and others who could not speak are now making simple expression indistinctly, some are even reciting ancient Chinese poems. This is a result from the Institute's rehabilitation training program. In addition, teachers also put paper-cuts and beautiful flowers to decorate the rooms during the festivals and holidays to make a festive atmosphere and bring happiness to the children. The Spellmans were very happy to see that the leaders and staff take an utmost care to make these children who lost their parents feel at home and grow up happily. Erin and Sara also communicated with the children by expressions and gestures and there were gales of laughter.

At last, Secretary Jin expressed her gratitude to the Spellmans, their relatives, friends and classmates and LandGlass once again for the donation. The Spellmans said that they would pay close attention to the children's demands and continue this international charity activity to help the children of the Institute grow happily.

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