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Navigation Information will be Displayed on Windshield in the Near Future
Source :    Release time:2014-08-15

We have been accustomed to use a navigator in our cars to show us the way. But do you believe that the navigation information will be displayed on windshield in the near future? Yes, according to a South Korean display expert, displaying navigation information on car windshields may become reality in about a decade.

However, this new technology is facing many problems, such as how to improve the transparency of the screen, how to guarantee the visibility issue inside the car, how to guarantee the safety of the drivers and so on. But the experts are sure that these problems can be solved perfectly in the near future. We are just looking forward to the new technology.

Most of the windshield adopts laminated glass. Maybe it's also a good wat to do some change towards the windshield glass. The side window and rear window usually adopt tempered glass, a kind of safety glass after processed by glass tempering furnace. The innovation of the glass and the glass machine can do a favor to the navigation displaying.

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