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Glass Curtain Wall has Its Own ID Number
Source :    Release time:2014-07-25

As is known to all, the glass curtain wall has a life span of about 10 years. It will be dangerous if the overage glass curtain wall is still at work. In order to address this problem, the construction information center in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province developed the glass curtain wall management system. 

It is learned that the information about the glass curtain wall installed in more than 100 buildings in Laocheng district, the old part of Wuxi City, has been recorded in this construction management system. Just as every one has his or her own personal profile, each piece of the glass curtain wall there has it own profile to record its identity now. If a certain piece of the glass curtain wall is overage, this management system will send an alert. As the management system gets better over time, the information about the glass curtain wall in some other districts including Xishan district, Huishan district, and Binhu district will also be recorded in the system. So far, the information about the glass curtain wall in the above-mentioned districts have been filed in the city's construction archive. And the improvement of the system will be finished soon. All the information about the glass curtain wall is recorded from its birth, including the basic information about the project, the main material, the builders, and the manager of the glass curtain wall. Each piece of the glass curtain wall is recorded from its very beginning and will be tracked afterwards. If the glass curtain wall is not checked regularly as required, the system will sound an alarm. In a word, The dynamic monitoring of the glass curtain wall can be achieved by using this management system. All the information about the glass curtain wall will be recorded in this system including the leaks in the glass and as well as the overage of the glass. All the management departments involved in the glass curtain wall have the access to the management system.

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