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The History of Tempered Glass
Source :    Release time:2014-06-24

The story of tempered glass can be traced back to the middle of 17 century when there was a prince named Rupert in Rhein who did a fascinating experiment. The prince put a molten drop of liquid glass into icy water, which turned out to be a very hard grain of solid glass. This high-strength grain of glass, like a teardrop with a long and curved tail, was known as Prince Rupert's Drops. It could withstand a blow from a hammer on the tale end without breaking, but the drop disintegrated explosively even into powders when the tail end was even slightly damaged. The method mentioned above is much like quenching. The components in the glass did not change after quenching, so the quenching process was called physical tempering and the tempered glass was also called quenched glass.

The first patent on tempered glass was held by a Frenchman in 1874. According to his patent, the stress in the glass could be increased when the molten glass was put immediately into cold liquid after being heated to a very high degree. The above mentioned method used earlier was known as tempering in liquid. Later, Geovge E.Rogens in Massachusetts applied the tempering technology to tempering glass chalices and glass lamppost in 1876.In the 1930s, some companies, such as Saint-Gobain in French and Pilkington in US, began to manufacture and sell flat tempered glass used for windshields. The companies in Japan went into the glass tempering business soon afterwards. And from then on, the world move into an era where mass production of tempered glass was popular.After the year1970, Triplex in UK achieved great success in tempering thin glass whose thickness was less than 1.5mm using physical means, which was a major breakthrough in the glass tempering history.

The history of tempered glass in China dated back to 1955 when Shanghai Yao Hua began to produce tempered glass. In the 1970s, glass tempering equipment designed in Belgium was first introduced to a glass factory in Luoyang and at the same time, a glass factory in Shenyang began to produce tempered glass using a chemical method. After that more and more companies in China began to devote themselves to the research and development of tempered glass production and their efforts finally paid off when the glass tempering equipment was built on their own. Now the glass tempering furnaces designed by the companies in China with their mature tempering technology are being accepted by more and more customers around the world.   

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