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Insulated Glass was Encouraged in Public Buildings
Source :    Release time:2014-06-11

The new version of design standard of energy efficiency in public buildings has began to seek public opinion in Beijing from May 20th, 2014, under which glass curtain wall installed in public buildings is strictly regulated to achieve energy efficiency. It can be seen from the new standard that energy saving has become the guiding principle in public building design. The new version of design standard of energy efficiency in public buildings came out to echo the government policies on energy saving and environment protection. According to the new standard, only 15 percent of the glass used in public buildings built mainly with glass curtain wall can be non-insulated glass. As is known to all, great importance is attached to energy efficiency in modern society and naturally the insulated glass used as the material of glass curtain wall are increasingly popular nowadays because of its superior noise reduction and thermal insulation properties. Given the context, it should be no surprise that there is such a regulation in the new standard.

The insulated glass is best known for its two chief attractions: noise reduction and thermal insulation properties.As the technology improves, the insulated glass is widely used in architecture. As a matter of fact, more specifically, most of the insulated glass used in tall buildings is tempered glass in consideration of safety. After tempered, the insulated glass can not only maintain its good noise reduction and thermal insulation properties, but also can minimize the possible damage to people once broken.The tempered insulated glass has made great contributions to the cause of energy saving since its application. 

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