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Top 10 Keywords of LandGlass 2013
Source :    Release time:2014-03-06

2013 has past, and in this year, many things happened and left such an indelible mark in the development history of LandGlass. To remember 2013, we sum up 10 keywords to share with you.

1. Management  Improvement

If the products and technologies are classified into the hard power of a company, management could be called the soft power. 2013 is a year for LandGlass to improve its management. Building a standard Germanish enterprise within 3 years is the goal of LandGlass' management improvement. And all departments worked hard together to enhance the soft power of LandGlass.

2. PPT

What is the most painful thing in this world? The answer is making PPT. Well, is there anything else more painful than it? Yes, the answer is making PPT everyday. Although it's painful to make PPT, we must admit that PPT is the most direct and efficient way to show what you want to express. Making PPT is also one required office skill for office staff at present. 

3. Integrity
In the whole year 2013, all the leaders and workers of LandGlass paid high attention to the integrity during the process of delivery. They tried the best to ensure that all the accessories be delivered once and for all. Resolutely put an end to repetitive operation.

4. Debut
In January 2013, the first commercial LandGlass variable curvature glass tempering furnace (D1209) was set up in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province.
In February 2013, the first commercial LandGlass gas heating glass tempering furnace (A2442B18F) was set up in Weisheng Company, Anhui Province.
In June 2013, the first commercial LandGlass continuous bending glass tempering machine (B1008L) was set up in Jingmen City, Hubei Province.
In August 2013, the first commercial LandGlass jumbo size flexible shaft bent glass tempering furnace
(C3060) was set up in Tianjin Yaohua Pilkington Glass Group Co., Ltd.
In 2013, many first new kind glass tempering furnaces were launched into the market successfully, which made LandGlass get ahead of itself.

5. Intellectual Property
In 2013, LandGlass was honored the "Chinese Patent Gold Award", and this is the second time for LandGlass to achieve this highest honor which represents the technical innovations of China after 2012. In addition, LandGlass R&D Director Mr. Li was listed among Henan's high-level intellectual property talents. All of these honors marked that LandGlass has made some achievements in intellectual property.

6. Yibin
Building a new factory in Yibin District in Luoyang is an established plan for LandGlass. In 2012, LandGlass laid a foundation for the new factory in Yibin, which drew a lot of attention. In 2013, the first production line was assembled successfully, and it has prepared well for the running in 2014. The new factory in Yibin District is sure to inject new vitality into the development of LandGlass.

7. Learning

It never too late to learn. This is a rapidly changing age and everyone must learn new knowledge continuously to keep pace with the times. All the staff of LandGlass learned actively during 2013. No matter the Internal Trainer training, English training, or some other trainings, the workers of LandGlass could be always seen among them. The leaders also stressed learning in the meetings, so, keep learning has become consensus throughout LandGlass.

8. VAT Invoice
"Could you issue an VAT invoice to us?" is the first question when we look for a cooperative partner. In answer to the government's call, asking the partners to issue an VAT invoice becomes fashionable all across the nation. So, if you want to be in accordance with the requirements of the financial department in your company, please don't forget to ask for the VAT invoice to your partners.

9. LandGlass Dream
To own the global most advanced technology of safety glass and rank among the global most competitive manufacturers of safety glass equipments is our dream. In 2013, all the workers of LandGlass worked hard to achieve the dream. The high-quality glass tempering furnaces and perfect service made LandGlass won the trust of more and more customers. It's a long way to follow our dreams, but we'll never retreat. We can do better in the future.

10. Busyness
14821 days is the total business trip time for the staff in after-sale service department of LandGlass in 2013. "Busy" is the most suitable word to describe their life. Although tired, they are pleased with the satisfied smiles on the customers' faces.

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