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How to Judge the Running State of PLC
Source :    Release time:2014-01-10


PLC is the core of tempering equipment glass tempering furnace control system and also the key for detecting, acting and controlling of tempering equipment. The normal running of PLC is very important for the safe and stable running of tempering equipment. The following basic points will be helpful for the maintenance personnel to judge the running state of PLC. 

When PLC is normal: 

If PLC is normally started, all the lamps on CPU will flash in the first 30 seconds or so. When only DC5V and RUN these two green lamps are still on finally, this indicates that the start is completed and the running is normal; When the green lamp DC24V on the top left corner of the first module (the largest sized module, with the mark of PS307 10A on the top right corner ) is on, this indicates that the input of AC220V and the output of DC24V are both normal; At the top of the second module (with the mark of CPU31*) are a line of indicator lamps, which in turn are SF (red), BATR or blank (red), DC5V(green), FORC(red), RUN(green) and STOP(yellow). When DC5V and RUN these two green lamps are on, this indicates that PLC is running normally. None other lamp is on at this time.  

When PLC is abnormal: 
When the lamp SF is on, this indicates that the module or P-BUS communication is unusual. When the lamp STOP is on, this indicates that PLC running has stopped; at this moment, please timely contact the customer service center of LandGlass. Frequent troubles: When the 24V line is badly grounded, PLC will encounter irregular automatic restart. At the same time, some other troubles will accompany, e.g. communication interruption, system alarm stop, etc.  At this moment, please timely contact the customer service center of LandGlass, the workers of LandGlass will try their best to maintain your glass tempering furnace and make it woke nomally. 

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