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Spontaneous Breaking of Tempered Glass and its Solutions
Source :    Release time:2013-11-28

Spontaneous breaking means that the tempered glass breaks without being exerted any mechanical external force. Spontaneous breaking may happen during the period of tempering, storage or using. The spontaneous breaking during the tempering in the glass tempering machine has been described above. Herein the spontaneous breaking during the storage and using will be explained. The following reasons account for the spontaneous breaking of tempered glass:

1) Quality defects 
There are stones as impurities inside the glass. The existence of impurities disables the even tempering of glass and results in the stress concentration at the impurities. If the stones are distributed in the area with tensile stress, even a stone sized 0.1mm is enough to activate the spontaneous breaking. 
2) There are nickel sulfide particles inside the glass. 
When α-NiS at 397°C is transformed into β-NiS, the size of NiS will grow by 2.38%. The expansion in size will lead to spontaneous breaking if the NiS particles exist in the area under tensile stress.      

3) The percentage of spontaneous breaking relates to the tempering level. 

The higher tempering level and the higher stress inside glass, the higher percentage of spontaneous breaking you will have. That is to say, smaller size of broken pieces of tempered glass more easily leads to spontaneous breaking.  

1) Choose the high-quality glass sheet. 
2) Put the tempered glass into the heat soak furnace, have the heat treatment for one hour at the set temperature of 300℃, and let the glass liable to spontaneous breaking break.  

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