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Fire Safety Knowledge Training Carried Out in LandGlass
Source :    Release time:2013-11-01

To improve the awareness of fire prevention & fire-extinguishing of the stuff, LandGlass specially invited instructor Zhang from Fire Protection Association of Henan Province to conduct a fire safety knowledge training in LandGlass glass tempering furnace manufacturing plant on the afternoon of Oct. 23. A week later, i.e. on the afternoon of Oct. 31, instructor Zhang conducted a training once again in the office center of LandGlass,  which was warmly welcomed by the staff and all of them took part in the training.

Combining the recently occurred typical fire cases across the country, instructor Zhang mainly explained the causes of fire and how to escape when the fire occurs during the training. When some striking pictures about the casualties in the fire showed on the large screen, everyone was startled deeply and they could hardly believe the fire can cause such a huge disaster. Instructor Zhang told the staff that it is dry in autumn and fire is easily to be induced, so everyone should master certain knowledge about the causes of fire and survival skills. No matter the free time in family, or the working time in office, the awareness of fire prevention should not be ignored. The gas that used for cooking, the household appliances, the electric bicycles, the electric sockets and so on, are all the inflammable goods in our daily life, among which the electricity is the main factor to cause fire. To prevent fires successfully, everyone should form a good electricity-using habit; turn off the power timely when we go out, don't leave the electric appliances working long for hours, etc. Just in case the fire happened, the consequence will be unimaginable, thus it's important to know how to put out the fire or escape in time. Instructor Zhang also taught the staff some basic knowledge such as how to use fire extinguisher and the anti-poison respirator, etc. 

Through the training, all the staff of LandGlass learned much knowledge about fire safety. No matter the workers in glass tempering furnace manufacturing plant, or the office staff in office center, they all said that they will pay more attention to the fire safety and try their best to avoid fire in later days. At the same time, they hope this kind of meaningful trainings could be carried out for a few more times to transfer safety knowledge to more people.


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