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Glass Breaking During Tempering and Their Solutions (2)
Source :    Release time:2013-10-30

2. Cracks appear on bent side during the production of bent tempered glass 

During the production of bent tempered glass that processed by bent glass tempering furnace, cracks not only directly damage the product quality but also easily results in spontaneous breaking. The main reason are as follows: 

1) The glass sheet hasn't been done finish grinding and there are tiny cracks at the edge of glass sheet. Therefore the glass will break along the existing cracks when bending, and forms cracks; 

2) The bending radius of glass processing exceeds the allowable scope of equipment. The  glass tempering machine of Landglass requires that, for the 5~6mm thick glass, the bending radius shall be over or equal to 1m; for the 8~10mm thick glass, the bending radius shall be over or equal to 1.2m; and for the glass in thickness over 12mm, the bending radium shall be over or equal to 1.5m; 

3) Air leaks from the chiller during the bending. During the bending, although the glass has been in the chiller, cooling is not allowed so as to keep the state of plasticity and finish the bending process. Thus, if the shutter controlling air supply is not fully closed and the air supply of fan is not stopped, glass will be cooled and hardened while being bent, and then cracks will appear at the edges;  

4) If glass temperature when carrying out of furnace is too low and cannot realize the state of plasticity for bending, cracks will also appear at the edges. 

1) The glass sheet must be done finish grinding after cutting, and should be checked whether the edges are smooth before tempering; 
2) Confirm the bending radius of glass conforms to the equipment capacity and glass features;
3) Check whether air leaks from the chiller during the bending. If so, check whether the shutter in chiller can fully close or whether there is wear;  
4) Properly increase the furnace temperature or heating time to make the glass temperature meet the requirement. 

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