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Defects due to Tempering Stress during Glass Tempering Process (2)
Source :    Release time:2013-09-30

2. The particle size testing of tempered glass shows an over small, over large or uneven particle size. 

According to the industrial standard, the broken pieces of tempered glass in a testing area of 50mm*50mm shall be 40~350 pieces. In the case that the glass sheet was over-tempered in the glass tempering furnace, the particle size of glass broken will be very small, and the resistance against impact of tempered glass will be reduced; in the case of incomplete tempering, the internal stress is low, and the broken pieces will be large; and the uneven particle size demonstrates the uneven tempering of glass. The following reasons may lead to these phenomena: 

1) The particle size is over small, that is, there are too many broken pieces in the testing area, and the internal stress after tempering is over high. The reason is the same with that the resistance against impact of tempering glass is low; 
2) The particle size is over large, that is, the broken pieces in the testing area is less than 40 pieces; the internal stress after glass tempering is over low; and the tempering is insufficient. The reason is that the heating furnace temperature is over low and the glass hasn't reached proper tempering temperature; or that the glass hasn't achieved the required quenching effect in the chiller because of over low cooling air pressure. 

3) The particle size is uneven, which also demonstrates the uneven tempering. This may be resulted from uneven heating of glass in the furnace or different quenching pressures in the chiller. 

1) If the particle size is over small, this can be solved as that the resistance against impact is low; 
2) If the particle size is over large, properly increase the heating furnace temperature, or properly increase the quenching pressure in the chiller or reduce the chiller height; 
3) If the particle size is uneven, increase the pressure and working time of heating balance to make the furnace temperature even; if the particle size is still uneven, properly elevate the chiller to make the air more even.

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