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Some Defects of Tempered Glass and Their Solutions
Source :    Release time:2013-09-17

5. All the glass bends upward 
1) During quenching process, the bottom quenching pressure is higher than the top quenching pressure, so the top side surface is cooled down slower than the bottom side and shrink more, thus the glass will bend upward;

2) The temperature of top surface of the glass is higher than it of the bottom surface; When the glass moves to quenching section, the top surface will shrink more than the bottom surface, thus, the glass will bend upward;

1) Lower the bottom air pressure, so that the quenching speeds on top and bottom surfaces are same;
2) Lower the top temperature setting inside heating furnace, so that the top and bottom surfaces will be heated to same temperature;

3) It can be noticed that the flatness of the tempered glass has close relation with the glass temperature and quenching pressure on top and bottom surfaces; and the conclusion is that when the quenching pressures on top and bottom surface are same, the surface with higher temperature shrinks more; and when the top and bottom surfaces have same temperature, the surface quenched with high pressure shrinks more. So the temperature difference between top and bottom surfaces not necessarily lead to bend glass, if the quenching pressure is corrected set in the way that the low temperature surface is blown with low air pressure, and vice versa. Generally speaking, the operator can adjust the glass temperature and air pressure according as how the tempered glass bends. 

6. All glass bends downward
This situation is opposite of above-mentioned situation, however, the key reasons are uneven temperature or uneven quenching pressure on top and bottom glass surfaces. The solution is opposite to above-mentioned solutions too.

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