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The Ways to Remove Quality Defects on Tempered Glass
Source :    Release time:2013-09-03

During the glass tempering production by glass tempering furnace, different kinds of glass defects may be left on tempered glass due to some complicated reasons, which are difficult for the glass tempering furnace operator to identify the reasons and avoid the defects. However, during our long time customer service, Landglass has analyzed some common defects and provide customers with following practical solutions for avoiding or minimizing these defects, which can be also regarded as the replies to some technical questions from the customers.

2. Spherical deformation
Glass becomes spherical because of the big temperature difference between top and bottom surfaces, which is caused by:
1) The temperature difference between top and bottom glass surfaces exceed 10 Celsius; 
2) Improper use of the heating balance system, which causes uneven heating on the glass;

3) Too short heating time, which fails to achieve even heating on top and bottom glass surfaces.

1) Properly adjust the top and bottom temperature, and limit the temperature difference by 10 Celsius;
2) Increase or decrease the pressure of the heating balance or increase or decrease working time of the heating balance so as to avoid the improper heating compensation;

3) Increase the heating time properly. The heating capacity of the furnace is dimensioned so that the heating time (the time that the glass stays in the heating furnace) is about 35-40s for each mm of glass thickness. Take 6mm thick glass for example: heat time for 6mm glass is 6×40s=240s.

The setting of heating time may vary according to different situation, such as the size of the glass sheets, the number of the glass sheets for the glass size over 1500mm×1500mm, the heating time should be prolonged by 5-15%. When the glass is square like and size over 1500mm×1500mm, long heating time and low heating temperature are recommended. 

Special temperature control system is equipped inside heating furnace, so that accrete temperature at all parts of the heating furnace can be achieved, which largely alleviate the spherical deformation.

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